Image courtesy of    Nilay Shah

Image courtesy of Nilay Shah

About the photographer

Marjorie started out photographing live concerts in 2006 where she developed a keen eye for capturing fleeting moments and connecting to her subjects in a way that tells their story. She brings this passion to each session, aiming not only to capture the important details but to frame her subject in a light that shows their unique beauty. She does not lend herself to a signature style as her work is as diverse as her clients. Whether she’s documenting a corporate panel or taking images of a christening, she tunes into her subject before releasing the shutter to make a connection and create meaningful images.

When she’s not working for clients, she keeps up her personal music photography project, Chiptography. She also enjoys spending time with her dog, Marzipan and traveling around the world with her husband.

She is amazing at what she does! She was born for this!
— Sustainability Investment Leadership Conference
Marjorie is great to work with, always pleasant and professional.
— Downtown Veterinary Medical Hospitals